Emma is a creative inter-disciplinarian, whose work is clustered around the fields of media, arts and education. Her mantles include artist, educator/lecturer, producer, presenter, director and researcher.

Emma has an MA in Media, Communication and Culture and a PhD that concerns research into young people’s use of new technology in their media practices within informal educational settings. She has worked across primary, secondary, further and higher education settings, fusing informal and formal approaches to learning about and with media technologies.

Social justice, democracy and equality form key themes in Emma’s work. She has facilitated numerous projects and produced many films that explore key social issues. She is highly skilled in the facilitation of collaborative and participatory projects and programs, particularly with young people and with groups experiencing marginalization and disadvantage.

Emma has worked extensively for organisations in the charitable and voluntary sector, for non-governmental organisations and for local government authorities. Emma has a keen interest in the intersection between social development and emergent mobile technologies on a local and global level.